2nd International Piano Competition - 2002 - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

2nd International Piano Competition - 2002

Competition Director - Juliusz Adamowski
Competition Office:
Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra 
"Witold Lutoslawski"
ul. J. Pilsudskiego 19
50-044 Wroclaw, POLAND 
fax (+48 71) 351 9735
e-mail: tifl@poczta.fm

General Information

The Competition is organised by the F. Liszt Society in Poland and Wroc³aw Philharmonic Orchestra "Witold Lutoslawski".
The Competition will be held in the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Wroc³aw from 1 October to 11 October 2002, according to the following schedule: 1 October - 1st stage auditions, the opening symphonic concert
2-5 October - 1st stage auditions
6-7 October - 2nd stage auditions (semi-finals)
8 October - finalists' rehearsals with the Orchestra
9, 10 October - in the mornings - rehearsals, in the evenings - final auditions
11 October - announcement of results, concert of the winners, the handing of diplomas

For the Competition 54 pianists from 18 countries have applied (from Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and Uzbekistan). Most of the competitors are in their twenties, but the are also as many as 13 pianists of the age above thirty, who have either won numerous top prizes at the renown international competitions, or conduct an international artistic activity. There is also a number of very talented youngsters. Altogether, we have admitted 50 best applicants. For various reasons nine competitors failed to come, thus, 41 pianists from 16 countries performed in the 1st stage. The Competitors will perform in the alphabetical order, beginning from letter "D" drawn out by lot.




1) Bekhzod Abdullaev - Uzbekistan
2) Chuel-Woo Bae - South Korea
3) Nadiya Bandura - Ukraine
4) Bartosz Botuliñski - Poland
5) Liene Circene - Latvia
6) Oliver Deutsch - Israel, Hungary
7) Rustam Erzhakovsky - Russia
8) Ladislav Fanèoviè - Slovakia
9) Micha³ Ferber - Poland
10) Maciej Gañski - Poland
11) Lyubov Gegetchkori - Russia
12) Vincent van Gelder - Netherlands
13) Sofya Gulyak - Russia
14) Hanna Holeksa - Poland
15) Tomasz Kamieniak - Poland
16) Marek Kamola - Poland
17) Alexei Kapichnikov - Russia
18) Sergey Kasprow - Russia
19) Shinya Kiyozuka - Japan
20) Yevgeniya Kobets - Ukraine
21) ©tìpán Kos - Czech Republic
22) Wojciech Kubica - Poland
23) Piotr Latoszyñski - Poland
24) Magdalena Lisak - Poland
25) Roger McVey - USA

26) Diana Moik - Estonia
27) Dasha Moroz - Poland
28) Szymon Musio³ - Poland
29) Baiba O¹ina - Latvia
30) Piotr Owsiak - Poland
31) Mi-Jung Park - South Korea
32) Sergey Pashkevich - Russia
33) Alexandre Pirojenko - Russia
34) Georgui Pironkov - Bulgaria
35) Sebastian Raj - Poland
36) Zbigniew Raubo - Poland
37) Daniel Röhm - Germany
38) Barbora Sejáková - Czech Republic
39) Naoki Sekino - Japan
40) Steven Spooner - USA
41) Masataka Takada - Japan
42) Birsen Ulucan - Turkey
43) Elena Ulyanova - Russia
44) Wojciech Waleczek - Poland
45) Natalia Wañdoch - Poland
46) Witold Wardziukiewicz - Poland
47) Kemal Yilmaz - Turkey
48) Slavamir Zaranok - Belarus
49) Michael Zelevinsky - Israel
50) Ivan Zhukau - Belarus

Competitors who resigned or could not come:
Bartosz Botulinski, Oliver Deutsch, Michal Ferber, Hanna Holeksa, Magdalena Lisak, Diana Moik, Dasha Moroz, Zbigniew Raubo, Witold Wardziukiewicz.

1. Bekhzod Abdullaev (Uzbekistan)

2. Chuel-Woo Bae (Korea)

3. Liene Circene (Latvia)

4. Lyubov Gegetchkori (Russia)

5. Sofya Gulyak (Russia)

6. Shinya Kiyozuka (Japan)

7. ©tìpán Kos (Czech Republic)

8. Roger McVey (USA)

9. Szymon Musiol (Poland)

10. Mi-Jung Park (South Korea)

11. Sergey Pashkevich (Russia)

12. Alexandre Pirojenko (Russia)

13. Daniel Röhm (Germany)

14. Steven Spooner (USA)

15. Masataka Takada (Japan)

16. Wojciech Waleczek (Poland)

1. Lyubov Gegetchkori (Russia)

2. Sofya Gulyak (Russia)

3. ©tìpán Kos (Czech Republic)

4. Mi-Jung Park (South Korea)

5. Sergey Pashkevich (Russia)

6. Alexandre Pirojenko (Russia)

7. Masataka Takada (Japan)

8. Wojciech Waleczek (Poland)

Competition Results:
1st prize

40.000 PLN founded by the Municipality of Wroclaw and the Regional Branch of Polish Bank (PKO BP SA).

2nd prize 

25.000 PLN founded by the PZU SA Insurance Company.

3rd prize

15.000 PLN founded by the Turów Power Station.

4th prize

10.000 PLN founded by the office of the President of the Lower Silesia Province.

5th prize

MI-JUNG PARK (South Korea)
5.000 PLN founded by the PZU SA Insurance Company.


On 11 October 2002 in the Wroc³aw Philharmonic Concert Hall, an official handing of diplomas took place along with the laureates' concert comprising of F. Liszt's compositions.

All the Jurors, music critics, competitors and the audience very highly assessed the artistic level of the competition.

After the competition, as the first of the laureates, she was invited to perform in Poland. Sofdya Gulyak has already performed several different programmes on 11 recitals, delighting the audience e.g. in the Pomeranian Dukes Castle in Slupsk, where annual Polish Piano-playing Festival takes place, in the Philharmonic in Lodz (the oldest one in Poland next to the National Philharmonic in Warsaw), in the Philharmonic in Wroc³aw, in Music Academy and in the Archdiocese Museum in Katowice.


List of S. Gulyak's concerts:
16 Oct.2002 - Slupsk, Pomeranian Dukes Castle
18 Oct.2002 - Lodz, Philharmonic Hall
22 Oct.2002 - Oborniki Slaskie, Parlour of Four Muses (on 191st anniversary of Liszt's birth)
26 Oct.2002 - Wroc³aw, Music and Literature Club (concert for disabled people)
26 Oct.2002 - Oborniki Slaskie, Parlour of Four Muses
27 Oct.2002 - Wroc³aw, Philharmonic Hall
28 Oct.2002 - Trzebnica, Club (concert for disabled people)
29 Oct.2002 - Brzeg, Silesian Piast Castle
2 Dec.2002 - Siemianowice, Culture Centre
3 Dec.2002 - Katowice, Music Academy
5 Dec.2002 - Milicz, Culture Centre (concert for disabled people).


Financial prizes

1st - 40.000 zlotys
founded by the Municipality of Wroclaw and the Regional Branch of Polish Bank (PKO BP SA)

2nd - 25.000 zlotys
founded by the PZU SA Insurance Company

3rd - 15.000 zlotys
founded by the Turów Power Station

4th - 10.000 zlotys
founded by the President of Lower Silesia Province

Artistic prizes

Symphonic concerts and recitals

National Symphonic Orchestra of Polish Radio in Katowice - "symphonic morning" in the season 2004/2005 for the best Polish laureate

Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk - recital in the season 2002/2003 for the 1st prize winner Lower Silesian Philharmonic in Jelenia Gora - recital in the season 2002/2003 for the best Polish competitor

Philharmonic in Lódz - recital on October 18, 2002 for a laureate

Pomeranian Philharmonic in Bydgoszcz - symphonic concert with Chamber Orchestra "Capella Bydgostiensis" for the 1st prize winner (date to be fixed)

Philharmonic in Poznan - concert (details to be fixed)

Sudety Philharmonic in Walbrzych - concert in the season 2003/2004 (details to be fixed)

Wroclaw Philharmonic - symphonic concert in the season 2003/2004 for the 1st prize winner

Philharmonic in Zabrze - symphonic concert in the season 2003/2004 for the 1st prize winner

Liszt Competition Foundation in Utrecht, the Netherlands - international master piano course and concerts in October 2003 at the International Liszt Festival in the Netherlands for the 1st prize winner

Franz-Liszt-Verein Raiding (Austria) - recital in F. Liszt Museum in Raiding (the house where Liszt was born) for the 1st prize winner

F. Liszt Museum in Budapest - recital on November 9, 2002 for the 1st prize winner

"Mazowieckie" Culture and Art Centre - concerts in the season 2002/2003 or 2003/2004 for two laureates

Institution of Music Promotion "Silesia" - concerts of two or three laureates at the 12th Young Laureates of Music Competitions Festival (16 Oct 2002 in Slupsk and 24 Oct 2002 in Katowice)

Ferenc Liszt Society in Poland - performances of all laureates at the series "Liszt Evenings" in the season 2002/2003 or 2003/2004



Conditions and Regulations

1. The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities. The candidates should be no younger than 16 on the date the Competition starts (born not later than 1 October 1986). Stateless candidates must send a copy of identity documents issued by the country of residence.

2. The Application Form must be sent by registered letter to arrive not later than 15 July 2002 to:

Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra
"Witold Lutoslawski"
II International F. Liszt Piano Competition
ul. J. Pilsudskiego 19
50-044 Wroc³aw, POLAND

Application must be sent on the enclosed Application Form or its copy of original size, along with:
a) a copy of birth certificate,
b) one photograph, minimum size 9x13 cm, free of copyright, black and white if possible,
c) artistic biography including information about music education and artistic achievements,
d) a copy of entrance fee voucher (see clause no.3),
e) copies of competition diplomas received.
Candidates may enclose copies of press reviews and references from recognised musicians.

3. Before sending the application, an entrance fee of 400 zlotys (PLN) or $ 100 (USD) or its equivalent in exchangeable currency should be paid to:

Towarzystwo im. F. Liszta
account no. 10205242-1108592-270-1
PKO Bank Polski SA IV / O. Wroc³aw, Poland

Bank fees outside Poland are covered by the candidates themselves.

4. The board of the Competition will decide which applicants are admitted to the Competition, based on the data submitted. In case of a number of candidates that exceeds the time limits for 1st stage audition, the board of the Competition reserves the right to qualify the candidates also according to the order of the applications' arrival.
All decisions of the board will be final and beyond appeal. Candidates not admitted will receive their entrance fees back (reduced by bank or post fees). There will be no refund on any other basis.

5. By signing the Application Form, candidates agree to be bound by the conditions and clauses in this brochure.

6. All applicants will be informed by fax, registered letter, or by e-mail about their acceptance or rejection not later than 15 August 2002. If admitted, the candidate will receive information about the exact day and hour of his/her audition in the 1st stage and practice time with the chosen instrument, as well as other information, such as hotel booking.

7. All the participants are given 20 minutes to choose a piano and test it before the 1st stage. The possibility of free access to other pianos, in order to rehearse during the Competition, is assured for all participants.

8. All the participants are obliged to arrive in Wroc³aw early enough to choose and test the instrument and to perform at the time fixed.

9. The participants in the 1st and the 2nd stages will perform in alphabetical order, starting with the letter drawn by lot by the Jury. For the final stage a different order may be suggested by the conductor of the Orchestra. The final audition will be held with the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra and will be preceded by two rehearsals with the Orchestra.

10. A participant, who must, for some unavoidable reason, delay his or her arrival, may be admitted to audition at an alternate time fixed by the Jury.

11. All the auditions are public and the board of the Competition has the rights to visual and sound recordings for the Competition's records. The final auditions and the concert of winners may be broadcast or transmitted by radio and television and no fee is payable on that account.

12. Pianists participating in the winners concert agree to perform gratuitously. Immediately after the end of the judging of the 2nd stage, the Jury will announce the names of the participants chosen for the concert of winners (including non-statutory awards), along with the concert's suggested program. Participants in the Competition cede to the organisers all copyrights for recordings and radio and television direct or delayed broadcasts made during the competition (including the winners concert).

13. The participants will perform, from memory, a program consisting of the following pieces:

a) Ferenc Liszt: one of the following études d'exécution transcendante (Transcendental Studies):
A minor, Mazeppa, Feux follets, Eroica, Wilde Jagd, F minor,
Chasse-neige (S.139 no. 2,4,5,7,8,10,12)*
* - the S number has been taken from the Searle catalogue, as it is entered in Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

or one of the following Grandes études de Paganini:
G minor, E flat major, G sharp minor, A minor (S.141 no. 1,2,3,6),

or Tarantella from "Venezia e Napoli" (S.162)

b) Ferenc Liszt: one of the following etudes:
Vision, Ricordanza, Harmonies du soir (S.139 no. 6,9,11),
Il lamento, La leggierezza, Un sospiro (S.144)

c) Ferenc Liszt: II Nokturn E major Seliger Tod (Gestorben war ich...) from Liebesträume (Love-Dreams), 3 Notturnos (S. 541)

d) one or more pieces of any composer chosen by the candidate.
The competitor might be obliged to submit the score of the chosen piece, and if so, he or she will be informed about it along with the confirmation of acceptance. Total time of the performance in the 1st stage must be between 25 and 30 minutes. Program shorter than 25 minutes will not qualify the competitor to the 2nd stage.

a) F. Liszt - Sonata B minor (S.178)
or F. Liszt - Apres une lecture du Dante, fantasia quasi sonata plus the 1st Mephisto Waltz (S.161 no.7 plus S.514) 
or one of the following pieces:
Bellini-Liszt - Réminiscences de Norma (S.394),
Bellini-Liszt - Réminiscences des Puritains (S.390),
Meyerbeer-Liszt - Grande fantasie sur des the`mes de l'opéra Les Huguenots (S.412),
Mozart-Liszt - Réminiscences de Don Juan (S.418),
F. Chopin - Sonata B flat minor op. 35,
F. Chopin - Sonata B minor op. 58,
R. Schumann - Sonata F sharp minor op. 11,
R. Schumann - Carnaval op. 9,
R. Schumann - Symhonische Etüden op. 13 (basic version - 12 etudes),
R. Schumann - Phantasie C major op. 17
or one of J. Brahms's sonatas (C major op. 1, F sharp minor op. 2, F minor op. 5) 

b) one transcription of the following songs of F. Schubert:
Auf den Wasser zu singen, Erlkönig, Die Junge Nonne, Gretchen am Spinnrade, Ständchen (Horch, Horch die Lerch ...) from Shakespeare, Ave Maria (S.558), Aufenhalt, In der Ferne, Liebesbotschaft (S.560), Die Post (S.561), Mädchens Klage (S.563), Die Forelle - second version (S.564)

a) one of the following works for piano and orchestra:
F. Liszt - Concerto no.1 E flat major (S.124),
F. Liszt - Concerto no.2 A major (S.125),
F. Liszt - Totentanz. Paraphrase über "Dies Irae" (S.126),
F. Chopin - Concerto no.1 E minor op. 11,
F. Chopin - Concerto no.2 F minor op. 21

b) one of the Hungarian Rhapsodies of F. Liszt 

14. The prizewinners and commended participants of the first Competition in 1999 cannot perform the works played then. 

15. Competitors performing during the 1st and 2nd stages may change the order of pieces specified on the Application Form. This must be passed to organisers not later than half an hour before their audition.

16. On the bases of their own regulations, the Jury will decide about admittance to the 2nd and 3rd stages and about the distribution of statutory prizes and commendations. No more than 8 pianists will be admitted to the final stage. The decisions of the Jury will be final and beyond appeal.

17. Only the winners of statutory prizes may use the title of Laureate of II International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wroc³aw. All the participants of the 2nd and the 3rd stage (those not awarded with the statutory prizes) will receive the diplomas of participation in the semi-finals and the finals of the Competition.

18. Taxes will be deducted from prizes according to Polish tax law and international agreements.

19. The list of prize winners and commended participants, as well as the full list of awards sponsors, will be announced 11 October 2002.

20. At a candidate's request, the board of the competition will book a place in the higher standard hotel (****) - up to 150 zl (ca. 37 USD) per night for a single room or in the middle standard hotel (**) - about 70 zl (ca. 17 USD) for a place in a double room without breakfast. At a candidate's request, the organisers can book a place for relatives and other accompanying persons as well. For competitors admitted to the semi-finals and to the concert of winners, accommodation costs for the period of 5-12 October will be refunded (this applies only to accommodation booked by the organisers). Other participants will pay the costs directly at the hotel. The costs of maintenance are not covered by the organisers.

21. Any questions concerning the competition can be addressed to:

Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra
"Witold Lutoslawski"
II International F. Liszt Piano Competition
ul. J. Pilsudskiego 19
50-044 Wroc³aw, POLAND

or by fax :
(+48 71) 351 97 35

e-mail: tifl@poczta.fm

or by telephone in Polish, German or Russian:
(+48 71) 351 97 35 or (+48) 602 469 723
in English:
(+48) 604 33 89 18

The Jury of the Competition
Victor Merzhanov (Russia) - chairman
pianist, professor at the P. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow

Juliusz Adamowski (Poland) - secretary
pianist, pedagogue,president of the Ferenc Liszt Society in Poland

Andrzej Jasinski (Poland)
pianist, professor at the K. Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice

Alexander Jenner (Austria)
pianist, professor at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna

István Lantos (Hungary)
pianist, organist, professor at the F. Liszt Academy of Music in Budapeszt

Wlodzimierz Obidowicz (Poland)
pianist, professor and at the K. Lipinski Music Academy in Wroc³aw

Alexei Orlovetsky (Russia)
pianist, pedagogue and composer from St Petersburg


1) Statutory prizes:

1st prize 40,000 zlotys (approximate equivalent, Dec. 2001 - $10,000)

2nd prize 25,000 zlotys (approximate equivalent, Dec. 2001 - $6,250)

3rd prize 15,000 zlotys (approximate equivalent, Dec. 2001 - $3,750)

At the Jury's request, the following prizes may also be awarded:

4th prize 10,000 zlotys (approx. $2,500)

5th prize 5,000 zlotys (approx. $1,250)

2) Non-statutory prizes will be handed on as well.

3) Among the donors of the prizes are: the Ministry of Culture, Wroc³aw Municipality, PKO BP (Bank of Poland) Regional Branch in Wroc³aw. Other sponsors of the Competition are: Poczta Polska (Polish Post), PZU SA in Wroc³aw (Insurance company), the group of Wroc³aw Heat and Power Generating Plants KOGENERACJA SA, Wroc³aw MPGC SA (heat transfer company), ED. SEILER Pianofortefabrik GmbH&Co.KG, MEYER Piano Manufacturer.

4) The winners of the highest prizes are guaranteed by the organisers to get invitations to give piano recitals organised by the F. Liszt Society in Poland in the frame of the cycle entitled "Liszt evenings". The winner of the highest prize will get the possibility to perform in F. Liszt Museum in Budapest (Hungary). He or she might also be invited to perform in the International Liszt Festival in the Netherlands in 2003, in some concerts organised by Liszt Competition Foundation in Utrecht, and in symphonic concerts in Poland.