5th International Piano Competition - 2011 - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

5th International Piano Competition - 2011

The 5th International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wroclaw in 2011
is cancelled !

Despite multilayered, long-term endeavours to acquire financial means needed to realise the Competition, we are forced to cancel this jear`s Competition due to financial reasons.
We still lack half of the money for statutory prizes and approx. 40% for other expenditures of the competition.
Basic financial means for the previous editions of the competition came from three sources: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Lower Silesian Province and the Commune of Wroclaw (the highest subsidies). This year (Year the 200-th anniversary of F. Liszt's birth !), in two following tenders for offers for public projects in terms of culture organised by the Commune of Wroclaw, we were refused to receive any subsidies. Further endeavours resulted in hope of acquiring only about 40 % of expected and necessary funds.
It happened at the time when the Minister of Culture and National Heritage granted 50 000 PLN out of 190 000 PLN we applied for, and the last year's preparatory works (printing and disseminating prospects and posters, and other information activities) were financed by the Self-government of the Lower Silesian Province and Association of Performing Artists STOART in Warsaw.
Currently, the money for prizes in artistic competitions organised by societies cannot come from budgets of communes and provinces, and yesterday we received another negative answer from potential sponsor (a bank) of some statutory prizes.
The situation cannot be saved even by a wonderful gesture from the Association of Performing Artists STOART, whose Board funded a non-statutory prize for best performance of a piece with the orchestra in the amount of 11 550 PLN (15 000 PLN minus VAT).

Those who already sent their application for the competition will receive their documents and fee back.

Juliusz Adamowski, President of F. Liszt Society and Competition Director
10 May 2011.

On behalf of the Board of the F. Liszt Society and on behalf of myself I wish to express my gratitude to the Management of the Association of Performing Artists STOART for funding very valuable, in terms of both content and financial, a prize for the best performance with the orchestra during the 5th International F. Liszt Piano Competition.
Juliusz Adamowski, President of the F. Liszt Society in Poland


Competition Director - Juliusz Adamowski
Andrzej Kosendiak, Krystian Kielb

Competition Office:
Wroclaw Philharmonic ul. J. Pilsudskiego 19, 50-044 Wroclaw, Poland
fax (+48 71) 351 97 35 e-mail: tifl@poczta.fm http://www.liszt.art.pl

As the result of several years of preparations and multi-directional endeavours, we managed to expand the range and rank of the nationwide F. Liszt competitions (realised by the Society since 1991) up to the level of an international event. In 1999 under the auspices of the Prof. Jan Waszkiewicz, Marshal of the than newly created Lower Silesia Province, there was the first international piano competition in the history of the Lower Silesia region and also of Western territories as a whole.
The Competition, held every three years, focuses on European romantic music with constant stress on the Chopin's output. To guarantee the highest possible artistic level of the Competition, since 2002 there is no upper age limit for competitors, but they must be at least 16 years old. For this year's edition we received a record number of 55 applications from 22 countries. We qualified 47 pianists to the competition. As many as 28 of them were over 25 years old, including 9 of them who were over 30. Only two pianists were under 20.
That all augurs well for the artistic level of the competition in 2011, the year of the 200th anniversary of Ferenc Liszt's birth- one of the greatest pianists of all time - and leads to conviction that it will be worthy of bearing his name.
Simultaneously, the Competition is a significant piano festival - a series of 16 concerts in the Wroclaw Philharmonic Concert Hall (all auditions are in the form of public concerts).

The competition brochure and posters have been published and distributed thanks to financial help from the Lower Silesian Self-Government and the Association of Performing Artists STOART in Warsaw.

Juliusz Adamowski

Competition is a Member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation

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