Piano Courses - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

Piano Courses

Since 1993, we have organised international master piano courses in Wroclaw - already renown in professional music circles. 683 pianists from 31 countries took part in them. Professors were the most outstanding artists-pedagogues: Halina Czerny-Stefanska (Krakow, Poland), Andrzej Jasinski (Katowice, Poland), István Lantos (Budapest, Hungary), Lee Kum Sing (Vancouver, Canada), Victor Merzhanov (Moscow, Russia), Alexei Orlovetsky (St Petersburg, Russia) and Boris Petrushansky (Imola, Ytaly). Apart from hundreds of interesting open classes, there were 118 concerts of the course participants in various venues (e.g. Philharmonic Hall in Wroclaw, Silesian Castle in Brzeg, Chopin Manor House in Duszniki Zdroj). Some of our participants have achieved considerable artistic successes. This form of education, which has recently become very popular, seems to have a great or even essential influence on the development of artistic personality of young musicians.
Every year some of our course participants achieve significant artistic successes. For example, following the last edition (August 2009) Grzegorz Niemczuk won the 43rd Nationwide F. Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw and was awarded with a prize for best performance of R. Schumann's piece, became a laureate of the Dias of the Young at the 43rd Festival of Polish Piano-Playing in Słupsk and a semi-finalist at the Southern Highlands Piano Competition in Borwal (Australia). Successfully performed in Belgium, Finland, France (standing ovations) and in Poland. Marta Czech, Karolina Czech and Tamara Niekludow won, in their age categories, the Polish-German Piano Tournament in Zgorzelec-Görlitz. Moreover, Marta Czech, as the only competitor, acquired maximum score and won a prize for best performance of a classical piece, and Tamara Niekludow - analogous prize for F. Chopin's piece. Marta Czech also won 2nd prize at the International Mozart Piano Competition ''Amadeus'' in Brno. Marta Czech won the 1st prize and special prizes for best performance of F. Chopin's piece and best performance of a French composer's piece at the 3rd International Piano Competition "CHOPIN +" in Budapest (11-15 March 2010) in age category up to 12. The 2nd prize in the age category up to 15 was awarded to Karolina Czech.
For the first time in the history of this competition, there was a prize for best student preparation. This prize was awarded to Maria Serafin, who prepared both laureates for the competition. Maria Serafin (a senior lecturer at the Music Academy in Katowice), since 1994 has been interpreting classes of Alexei Orlovetsky during the annual international master courses for pianists in Wroclaw.
Brigitta Taraszova and Krisztina Taraszova successfully performed at the opening concert of the 17th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions in Katowice.
After the 15th edition in 2008 Krisztina Taraszova won 4th prize, and Piotr Banasik - a distinction at the 4th International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wrocław in 2008.


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