The Society - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

The Society

So far, the activity of the Ferenc Liszt Society in Poland has resulted in 1370 concerts in  85 concert halls in Poland, Russia and Hungary, 38 piano courses and 8 piano competitions. We also succeeded in increasing the quality of concert instruments in four towns. It can be easily said that the Society took an important place in music life of Poland and that is also distinguished on international field.


Over 2500 artists, teachers and students from 45 countries took part in the concerts, courses and competitions of the Society.

In the year 2005 we notified almost 56 000 visits on our website.

Nevertheless, it would not be possible without kindness, co-operation and help of many people, authorities, institutions and companies. We would like to thank all of them. We hope our further co-operation to be equally fruitful.



Ferenc Liszt Society in Poland (TiFL), founded in Wroclaw on 2 March 1989, is a nationwide association with the aim of popularising music with the main stress laid on the output and the person of Ferenc Liszt himself as well as his connections with Polish culture. TiFL conducts artistic, didactic and popular scientific activities, emphasizing different ways of promoting talented youngsters (concerts, competitions, grants, courses, publications, records for the radio and television).

Founding of the Society was initiated by Izabela Bojkowska (then: Vice-Manager of Theater, Music and Stage Department at the Ministry of Art and Culture in Warsaw) and Juliusz Adamowski-a pianist, music activist, and teacher at the Music Academy in Wroclaw.

Concerts. In over  1370  concerts held so far, above 700 performers from 33 countries took part (some of them played many times), including 366 pianists, 47 other soloists, 23 performers of chamber music, 6 conductors, 6 actors, Witold Lutoslawski" Philharmonic Orchestra and "Harmonology" Orchestra in Wroclaw, Symphony Orchestra of Philharmonic in Zabrze, Symphony Orchestra in Rybnik and the National Opera Choir from Warsaw.
Apart from outstanding artists with international fame (such as Zsuzsa Elekes, Eugen Indjic, Sofya Gulyak, István Lantos, Victor Merzhanov, Karol Radziwonowicz, Janusz Olejniczak), about 400 young artists, including 200 Poles, performed at the concerts. Being accompanied by 16 lecturers and 3 interpreters, they performed around 1400 pieces of  210 composers ranging from Baroque to the contemporary music (including about a 166 compositions of F. Liszt, over 170 ones of F. Chopin and almost 50 pieces of I.J. Paderewski), playing in 85 concert halls (60 of them in Poland, the rest abroad - in Budapest, Györ, Moscow and St Petersburg). Since December 1989, we have been carrying into effect a series of monthly "Liszt Evenings" always accompanied by a specially chosen and prepared foreword, which, beside giving basic information on music, is intended to motivate full perception of presented pieces and further contacts with artistic music. Since November 1992  we have organised 170 concerts musical developing for the youth (until 2008 they combined elements of music therapy and were designed mainly for the disabled, thus named “Concerts for the Disabled”). Still inviting those listeners, in 2008 we decided to expand the audience with students of secondary schools of general education. Simultaneously, we changed the name of the concerts to "Concerts Musically Developing for the Youth – How to Listen to Music?".


Competitions. We have organized 4 international (1999, 2002, 2005, 2008 - where applied 177 pianists from 28 countries) and 4 nationwide F. Liszt piano competitions (1991, 1993, 1995, 1997 with 63 participants). The prize-winners, beside one year's high grants, had the opportunity to take part in dozen or so concerts in Poland as well as abroad. The international competitions turned out to be on a very high artistic level and they could be next to Wratislavia Cantans to render Wroclaw famous at the international music field and become a partner for the F. Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

Courses. Since 1993, we have organised international master piano courses in Wroclaw - the event already renown in professional music circles. 625 pianists from 33 countries took part in them. Professors were the most outstanding artists-pedagogues: Halina Czerny-Stefanska (Krakow, Poland), Andrzej Jasinski (Katowice, Poland), István Lantos (Budapest, Hungary), Lee Kum Sing (Vancouver, Canada), Victor Merzhanov (Moscow, Russia), Alexei Orlovetsky (St Petersburg, Russia) and Boris Petrushansky (Imola, Italy). Apart from hundreds of interesting open classes, there were 108 concerts of the course participants in various venues (e.g. Philharmonic Hall in Wroclaw, Silesian Castle in Brzeg, Chopin Manor House in Duszniki Zdrój). Every year some of our course participants achieve significant artistic successes (vide "Current affairs").
We have also organised 16 nationwide piano courses with over 1000 participants (about 770 teachers and 257 pupils from over 70 Music Schools as well as a few foreign pianist led by Alexei Orlovetsky).

Pianos. Thanks to us, Wroclaw has been enriched with 4 grand-pianos, including the new fully professional Steinway, bought in 1995 with the contribution of The Foundation of Polish-German Co-operation. We also made our contribution in providing few concert halls with grand-pianos that fulfill requirements of professional musical activity.


Publications. We have published four issues of "Zeszyty Lisztowskie" (scientific publications about Liszt), 14 Information Bulletins in Polish, English and German, brochures of all courses and competitions, programme booklets of international competitions, and programmes of all concerts.


CDs and DVDs. We have released 7 CDs. Thanks to Petrus Facta et Creata label, we have released four CDs from the series "Popular Piano Pieces" (including recordings from the 2nd and 3rd editions of the International F. Liszt Piano Competition and from "Liszt Evenings"). Two CDs ("4th International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wroclaw" and "1000 Liszt Evenings - Piano recitals of Sofya Gulyak") were made with financial help from the Lower Silesia authorities.

Thanks to the help from the Liszt-Kodály Society of Spain, there appeared the first DVD with a concert from the " Liszt Evening" series (recital of Spanish pianist Carlos Gallardo, 21st April 2006).


Website. Our first website was made by Cyprian Kowalczyk in August 2000. In October 2002 we got a new domain

In February 2004 the technical supervision over the website was taken by Krystian Siemiński, who at the turn of 2012 and 2013 modernized our website and made his servers available free of charge. Currently the website comprises over 2000 pages documenting in two language versions (Polish and English) all forms of our activities


Facebook. Our International Master Courses for Pianists (since February 2012) and Liszt Evenings (since November 2013) have official fanpages on Facebook.

The Seat of the Society is in Wroclaw, the city where in 1843 Liszt gave fifteen concerts, conducted an opera spectacle for the first time, and gained enormous popularity. Then, he also performed in Nysa and Brzeg, places where "Liszt Evenings" are held each month. In 1859, F. Liszt performed again as a composer and conductor in Wroclaw. After World War II, Wroclaw became an important centre of musicological study of Liszt.

TiFL is composed of around 220 members from 4 countries. The Society, having no office workers, bases mainly on free of charge contribution of its members, financial help from the authorities of different levels, from many institutions, firms and private sponsors. Juliusz Adamowski has incessantly been its President since the founding in 1989. Photographic coverage of the Socity's activity: Marek Grotowski, Marek Koch, Andrzej Solnica, Tadeusz Szwed, Maciej Szwed (most photos).

Permanent Sponsors: foreign exchange office "CENT" (1989-94), and Grazyna and Andrzej Krzywik (1997-2004).

The foundation of TiFL in Poland in 1989 largely contributed to the founding of F. Chopin Society in Hungary a few months later.



Honorary Members of TiFL: Izabela Bojkowska, Alexei Orlovetsky, Victor Merzhanov (+2012), Stefan Placek (+2015).


Founding Members: Juliusz Adamowski, Anna Bacik, Irena Bednarek, Katarzyna Bednarek, Zdzisław Bednarek, Izabela Bojkowska, Janina Broniewska (2008), Stanislaw Dybowski, Marek Dyzewski, Mirosław Gąsieniec, Tadeusz Jaworski, Stanisław Krukowski (1991), Elżbieta Łubińska, Marek Machnicki, Danuta Mroczek-Szlezer, Włodzimierz Obidowicz, Zofia Owińska, Aleksander Puzacz, Danuta Rakoczy, Adam Rajczyka, Norbert Rupp, Irena Sawka, Eugeniusz Sąsiadek, Ewa Sonnenberg, Jozef Stompel, Alina Szolomicka, Teresa Szponarska, Adolf Trznadel, Zofia Zagajewska-Szlezer, (+2018) Maria Zduniak (+2011),


Founding Committee: Juliusz Adamowski, Zdzisław Bednarek, Stanisław Dybowski, Mirosław Gąsieniec, Tadeusz Jaworski, Włodzimierz Obidowicz, Teresa Szponarska, Maria Zduniak (+2011).


  • Honorary members of TiFL: Izabela Bojkowska

    Honorary members of TiFL: Izabela Bojkowska

  • Honorary members of TiFL: Alexei Orlovetsky

    Honorary members of TiFL: Alexei Orlovetsky

  • Honorary members of TiFL: Victor Merzhanov

    Honorary members of TiFL: Victor Merzhanov

  • Honorary members of TiFL: Stefan Placek

    Honorary members of TiFL: Stefan Placek

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    Managment of the Society (21.10.2001 - 24.02.2008)

  • The Patron of the Society

    A Hungarian pianist and composer, one of the greatest virtuosi in the history of music, had a great knowledge of Polish history and culture.

  • Patrons of the Society

    The activity of the Society would not be possible without the patronage of the following Municipalities, Institutions and Companies. We would like to thank all of them. We hope our further co-operation to be equally fruitful.

  • Sponsors of the Society

    The Society does not employ office workers; its activity is based in wide extend on a social contribution of its members. However, the activity would not be possible without the kindness, cooperation and help of many people, institutions, companies, and municipalities. In the period of 1989-94, "CENT" exchange office in Wroclaw was a permanent sponsor of TiFL; between autumn 1997 and spring 2004 - Grazyna and Andrzej Krzywik.