1289th-1292nd LISZT EVENINGS - April 2018 - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

1289th-1292nd LISZT EVENINGS - April 2018

SOFYA GULYAK - one of the most outstanding contemporary female pianists


13 April at 18.30 – Oborniki Slaskie

The Parlour of Four Muses, ul. J. Pilsudskiego 13 (street)


14 April at 17.00 – Brzeg

The Silesian Piast Dynasty Castle in Brzeg, pl. Zamkowy 1 (square)


16 April at 18.00 – Wrocław

Music and Literature Club (KMiL),  pl. T. Kosciuszki 10 (square)


17 April at 18.00 – Katowice

Concert Haal of the Polish Radio, ul. S. Ligonia 29 (street)

Concert reailed together with the "SILESIA" Institution for the Promotion and Popularisation of Music



Biography of Sofya Gulyak

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