Concerts program for the year 2013 - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

Concerts program for the year 2013

In  1090 concerts held so far, above 700 performers from 33 countries took part (some of them played many times), including 334 pianists, 45 other soloists, 19 performers of chamber music, 6 conductors, 6 actors, "Witold Lutoslawski" Philharmonic Orchestra, "Harmonology" Orchestra in Wroclaw, Symphony Orchestra of Rybnik, Symphony Orchersta of Philharmonic in Zabrze and the National Opera Choir from Warsaw. Apart from the outstanding artists with the international fame about 300 young artists, including about 200 Poles, performed at the concerts. Being accompanied by 12 lecturers and 3 interpreters, they performed around 1400 pieces of about a 200 composers ranging from Baroque to the contemporary music (including about a 166 compositions of F. Liszt, over 175 ones of F. Chopin and 41 pieces of I. J. Paderewski), playing in 83 concert halls (66 of them in Poland, the rest abroad - in Budapest, Györ, Moscow and St Petersburg). Since December 1989, we have been carrying into effect a series of monthly "Liszt Evenings" always accompanied by a specially chosen and prepared foreword, which, beside giving basic information on music, is intended to motivate full perception of presented pieces and further contacts with artistic music. Since November 1992 we have organised 146 concerts musical developing for the youth (until 2008 they combined elements of music therapy and were designed mainly for the disabled, thus named “Concerts for the Disabled”). Still inviting those listeners, in 2008 we decided to expand the audience with students of secondary schools of general education. Simultaneously, we changed the name of the concerts to "Concerts Musically Developing for the Youth – How to Listen to Music?".