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Gallardo Carlos

In the own words of Ronald Turini, disciple of Vladimir Horowitz: "I have heard Mr. Gallardo in one of his concerts in Canada, and his performance was just brilliant, very exciting and full of deepest musical sense."

In 1997 he began the live recording of the Complete Works of Franz Liszt for the SLKE Live Recording Series. 
In 1999, music institutions of Hungary and Poland in Budapest invited Mr. Gallardo to be part of the international jury of the prestigious Chopin Piano Competition; a jury that he shared with members such as Josef Stompel and Andrzej Jasenski (Poland), Istvan Lántos and Jeno Jando (Hungary).
During the 2001 season, Mr. Gallardo was invited to the International Music Festival of Georgetown (Ontario, Canada), where he received praising comments from both the audience and the critics for his "brilliant and poetic" interpretations. He made his début with the Georgetown Festival Orchestra performing J.S. Bach''s Double Piano Concerto BWV 1064, a true success according to the audience and the critics. This concert was recorded live for the SLKE Live Recording Series Collection.
In 2002 Mr. Gallardo is invited to the Advent Concert Series at Grassalkovich Palace performing Mozart Piano Concerto for two pianos in E b Major with the renowed The Solti Chamber Orchestra, and in 2003, he made his debut in the United States of America, Japan and Slovakia. Starting the new season his projects include concerts in Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Swizerland and USA as soloist with the Solti Chamber Orchestra and performing Liszt and Spanish piano recitals. Mr. Gallardo is preparing two CD recordings with works for piano by Franz Liszt and Spanish composers, Manuel de Falla and Enrique Granados, as well as a live recording of Manuel de Falla''s concerto for piano and orchestra "Nights in the Gardens of Spain."
Born in Spain, Mr. Gallardo studied at the Music Academy of Budapest (Hungary) and at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid (Spain). His main teachers were Kálman Dráfi, Joseph Colom, Carmen Deleito, Lazar Berman, Ronald Turini, Robin McCabe, Jean Paul Sevilla, Dimitri Bashkirov, Boris Zarankin and Robin Wood. After completing his violin studies in Spain and his piano studies in Hungary, Mr. Gallardo was awarded scholarships to study abroad by the following insititutions: the Spanish Government, the Hungarian Government, the government of the former Soviet Union, the Swaningan Foundation of Canada, and the University of Valladolid, as well as the Isaac Albéniz Foundation and the Culture Foundation of the Valladolid Councill.
The success of his performances have led to being awarded First Prizes in national and international competitions, such as the IV Gregorio Baudot Competition, the Artist L''Salle Competition and the Medal of the University of Valladolid for his artistic career.
Mr. Gallardo has continued his education at the JISA (Canada), the Universities of Valladolid, Salamanca and Alcalá de Henares (Spain), the MTA Zenetudomanyi Intézet and the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest (Hungary), which has brought him in contact with scholars and conductors such as Zoltán Fálvy adn Lukas Ervin.
Parallel to his activity as a pianist, Mr. Gallardo has devoted himself to multimedia programming and music computing. He has been awarded the Golden Web Awards (Florida, U.S.A.; 2001-2002), the Canada Graphics Awards (Ontario, Canada; 2000-2001), and the Melvin Awards (Oregon, U.S.A.; 1999). In 1999 he was finalist at the 5th Möbius Multimedia Awards (Barcelona, Spain).
In his task as a scholar and collaborator for several journals, Mr. Gallardo has written over thirty essays on music pedagogy and etnomusicology, on Franz Liszt and Zoltán Kodály. Much of his written work has been published by Rugginenti Editore e Istituto Liszt of Italy, Castilla Publishing, Inc., and the Universtiy of Valladolid (Spain). Apart from being published, they have also been diffused in lectures, such as during the VII International Music and Dance Festival of Úbeda (Spain).
As a composer, Mr. Gallardo is the author of more than 78 works for orchestra, for chamber ensemble, and for piano. Special mention among them deserve those dedicated to her Majesty the Queen of Spain and His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Most of his works have been premiered in Spain, Hungary, Canada, U.S.A. and Japan.

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