Interpreters courses - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

Interpreters courses

  • Abraszko Izabela

    Izabela Abraszko – music theorist, English translator of the first three courses.

  • Adamowski Dariusz

    Dariusz Adamowski – MA in English Studies, English translator and interpreter of the Society’s courses, competitions, publications and correspondence since 1998.

  • Faryniarz Zbigniew

    Zbigniew Faryniarz - pianist, professor at the Music Academy in Wrocław, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, Russian translator of the courses.

  • Jezowska Izabella

  • Palsewic Mariola

    Interpreter of the Society’s course in 1998.

  • Serafin Maria

    Maria Serafin – pianist, senior lecturer at the Music Academy in Katowice. Since 1994, she has been an interpreter (Russian-Polish) at the International Master Courses for Pianists in Wroclaw.