Soloviev Stanislav - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

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Soloviev Stanislav

He born in 1979 in Leningrad (St Petersburg), Russia. Graduated from the State Conservatoire in St Petersburg in 2003, where he studied under Prof. Alexander Sandler.


Laureate of many piano competitions. Won, among others, 1st prize at the National Competition of Chamber Music in Moscow, Russia, in 1994; 1st prize at the International Competition of Piano Duos in St Petersburg in 1995; 3rd prize at the "Concertino-Praha" International Competition in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1995; 1st prize at the Jozeps Vitols International Piano Competition in Riga, Latvia, in 2002.

In 2005 he definitely won the 3rd International F. Liszt Piano Competition in Wroclaw. Performs as a soloist, chamber musician and with numerous orchestras. Performed in Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Süd Korea and Serbia. Recorded two albums. In 2007 awarded the Audience Prize at the 17th Festival for Young Laureates of the Music Competitions in Katowice organised by Institution of Promotion and Popularisation of Music "Silesia") (performed 40 soloists from 6 countries).

At the 14th P. Tchaikovsky International Competition in St Petersburg (2011) and at the 3rd M. Elsky International Competition in Minsk (2013), he was recognised as the best accompanist of these competitions.

Combines artistic activity with teaching – conducts a class of chamber ensembles in his home Conservatory in St Petersburg.

Extract from the review "Young Star of the Russian Piano Playing", published on 24 December 2006 in Ruch Muzyczny (Polish central music periodical for professionals): "Soloviev, a graduate and already a lecturer of the St Petersburg Conservatoire - belongs to a small group of artists who can combine in a very natural way their virtuoso temperament with contemplation of a chamber musician. He is able to show off easily the most difficult structures in increadible tempo, and a moment later sink in contemplation, listening intently to most delicate nuance of a music discourse with the sensitivity of a natural born chamber musician. He has one more (...) essential feature - the need and ability of improvisatory approach to a prepared interpretation proposal. It brings freshness to his performances (...)"

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