Thanks for the Mestengo Krystian Sieminski - Towarzystwo Ferenca Liszta we Wrocławiu

Thanks for the Mestengo Krystian Sieminski

On behalf of the Board of the Ferenc Liszt Society in Poland we wish to thank you lor free-of-charge providing of servers and modernising our website by applying a system which enables quick access to thousands facts and photos included in over 2000 source sub-pages in Polish and English.


Thanks to you competence and kindness we are now able to provide in an optimal way information on our activities which featured about 2500 artists, teachers and students from 44 countries in the span of 25 years.


The Society has no o.ffice workers, and its activity is mainly based on the social contribution of its members and financial support from various levels ol authorities, numerous institutions, companies and individuals; therefore, we have significantly limited capacity to commisston paid services.


You greatly helped to promote the information about our activities by administering our website lor the last nine years.


Thank you once again and we look forward to further cooperation and assistance.



Zbigniew Faryniarz, Vice-President of TiFL  Juliusz Adamowski,President of TiFL

Wroclaw, 18th February 2013.